The P.U.S.H. Act (Introduction)

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

In the best traditions and law of the United States, the rights of citizens and powers of discrete governmental entities have been protected by checks and balances.

This proposed action aims to build upon those traditions, laws, and practices.

Currently, our men and women in law enforcement are under attack precipitated by the actions of a few bad apples, in continuing the idiom, these apples must be removed or the batch will be spoiled.

We must give the good apples the tools to be listened to and heeded when they raise concerns about fellow officers or government employees.

We must protect those that protect us by providing mutual transparency and goodwill, which is why I will be proposing increasing the penalty for false accusations against law enforcement as well as making auto-on body cams mandatory. I believe in restrictions for government and freedom for the people.

It is unacceptable that any governmental department investigates itself unilaterally, just as it would be for a citizen.

In the coming days, I will outline legislation that will be submitted to my respective chamber for consideration by the United States Congress when elected.

I thank you for your time and patriotic concern in reading this, as well as your support in these trying times for the American Republic.

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